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The processing of personal data of users of this website is governed by the following terms, by the relevant provisions of the applicable privacy laws (n. 2472/1997 for the protection of individuals with regard to data protection personal data, as amended and in force, n. 3471/2006, etc.) as well as the relevant decisions, directives and regulations of the Hellenic data protection authority.

1. Data controller

Data controller of your personal data, when and where they are collected by this website is anonymous company called "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a. Phone:2263325930, email address info@thassos-travel. com.

2. General terms of protection of personal data

The processing of your personal data is confidential and the "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a. takes all reasonable technical and other means necessary to ensure the confidentiality of this process. Access to your personal information is only authorised on a case by case basis and depending on the purpose of processing, personnel of "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a.".

As a visitor of this site, you remain anonymous. The data we store and analyze are used only for statistical purposes, without limitation in order to constantly improve our website and the content. The data stored in our editor is the name of the Internet service provider you are using, the website from which you visited the Website of "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a.", the individual pages the website of "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a." in which you browse, your IP address and the date and duration of your browsing on the site.

3. Purpose of processing

The purpose of the processing of your personal data collected through this website is the following: 

a. O check of compliance with the terms of use of this website.

b. in respect of the personal data transmitted by you, in the context of reservations to "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS Inc.»:

The minimum necessary processing of such data for the details of the reservation.

Where your consent has been received, your data will be stored by the "ENDLESSHOLIDAYS s.a." for future use/purpose evaluation thereof. If it has not been given your consent, your data, after the completion of your stay at the hotel, will be deleted, unless the "ENDLESSHOLIDAYS s.a." legally entitled or obliged to maintain.

4. Recipients of the data

Recipients of data: (a) For items required or entitled "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a. communicates on a contract basis, legislation, judicial and regulatory decision: public and independent administrative authorities, judicial authorities and public officials and (b) For all necessary for achieving any specific purpose of processing data: the Administration and the relevant services of "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a.".

The "ENDLESSHOLIDAYS s.a. will not disclose, sell, Exchange, lent or in any other manner dispose of without your consent to third, natural or legal persons, your personal data, except that mentioned above.

5. Rights of access and objection

As personal data subjects have the right: (a) to know whether personal data concerning you are or have been processed by the 'ENDLESS HOLIDAYS S.a.» (right of access, article 12 n. 2472/1997) and (b) to view any objections for the processing of data relating to you, expressly including the ability to request deletion of your personal data (right object, article 13 n. 2472/1997).

In order to exercise your rights to access and object to the processing of your personal data, please contact email info@thassos-travel. com, address: Limenas Thassos, Phone: 2593022633.

6. Provisions (Cookies)

THE «ENDLESS HOLIDAYS (A). (E).» may use devices (cookies), with the purpose of carrying out or facilitating the transmission of a communication between us (the "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS Inc." and you), via an electronic communications network. These provisions (cookies) are small text files that, if you choose to accept, based on relevant parameters of your computer are stored in the hard disk of your computer for the above purposes, without being aware of any document or file from your computer.

You can configure your browser (browser) your computer in such a way as to either alert you of the use of devices (cookies) in specific areas of this site or to prevent the acceptance of the use provisions (cookies) in any case.

7. Special Links

Any interface of this website through the use of special links (links, hyperlinks, banners) to any other website does not imply on the part of "ENDLESSHOLIDAYS s.a. takeover any liability for policy on this website regarding the protection of personal data.

8. Minors

THE «ENDLESS HOLIDAYS (A). (E).» restricts the use of this website only to adults. Further, the intent of "ENDLESSHOLIDAYS s.a." is not to collect personal data of minors who may have access to its website, in violation of the above provisions. However, since it is not possible to ensure/confirmed by the "ENDLESSHOLIDAYS s.a., any minors website users who transmit, through this, personal data in"ENDLESS HOLIDAYS s.a. "are required and expected to have obtained the consent of parental authority or of any Commissioners. Consists in adult to exercise proper supervision of minors under their responsibility while browsing in the Internet and especially on this site.

9. Modification of these terms

THE "ENDLESS HOLIDAYS (A). (E).» may at any time modify these terms, privacy in the context of the applicable law, any amendment will apply from the posting of this website.